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Very Angry


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Hi guys ive just had my wheel set from selectbikes its the old echo hubs with the built in chain tensioners and i have the zona zip frame and my wheel wont fit because the chain tenioners are too thick. Anybody else had this problem or has anybody got any help they could give me. :angry:

Cheers !!!

Dan !!!

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Why dont you grind them down.

Or ring Select Bikes to try and sort the problem rather than posting a topic straight away. I can see why your not happy but its not fair to Phil and the rest of the people at Select Bikes as it sort of looks like you are not happy with them and they have done something wrong. I am not having a go just saying that I dont think that you have gone the right way around doing things.

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You can slide the tensioners off quite easilly, they do not effect the hub at all, if you do this you can replace the tensioners with spacers of some sort to get the correct spacing.


You can send the wheel back and we will refund you the price if it's not been used.



nice chap here (Y)(Y)

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