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The Next Trials Personality ?


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The Martins, Akrigg and Tongue (although he seems to have dissapeared lately) will have to hang up their Trials boots so to speak eventually. Where are the next generation of Trials personalities to take their place? do you think that another UK Trials rider(s) will ever rise to the same status as the Marts have?

Plenty of riders can now go bigger and better than these guys yet they are still up there as the most well known UK Trials riders. Craig Lee Scott and Tunnicliffe probably get talked about more than anyone else on the forum, but outside of TF and the Trials scene they are pretty much unknowns. Its not just about being a great rider, but a great personality too- and one thats media friendly. It seemed like the Trialskings could well have been it, but that didnt work out. How many people here would probably not taken up Trials if it were not for seeing the Marts in MBUK or some video? If Trials is going to stay as popular then surely it needs new guys to be coming up who can star in magazines like they have done?

discuss... if you like

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I agree with :

Berridge,Feeney,Tim Pratt,Shrewsbury,Goddard,Jonny Jones,James Porter,Sam Wheeler...

But I guess they're more known. Others on "my list" are:

Tim Steadman, Ali C ( :D ) Will Arnold + Craig Davies (in the more distant future though, you're not old enough yet doods :P) Phil Williams surely? Oh and Joe Baxter (Y)

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Plenty of riders can now go bigger and better than these guys yet they are still up there as the most well known UK Trials riders. ...... Its not just about being a great rider, but a great personality too- and one thats media friendly. ....

No one will ever go better than ashton and akrigg.

No one will ever be as big as those guys either because there are so many good riders now....but they are all the same. Ashton is up there because he was miles better than the rest for a long time and rode in his own way and still does (new vids oooh). Oh and he is a top guy. And was world chump. And world bunnyhoop record holder. And rode for one of the biggest bike companies in the world.

These days its all the same from everyone - all copying the UCI boys and the like ohh a big sidehop and a big tap. no one stands out.

Oh and a point - now that there are so many great riders and the gap between the best and the rest is smaller (maybe ?) you cant really have them up on a pedastool.... eg ashton was world record holder ... now gets peed on by a fair few on the forum - itll never be the same.

only really gonna make it big in the same way if you can cross over like the ol No Way.

Oh but if we are talkin small circle stardom (more like respect) then its wayne for me every time... was amazing the first time i rode with him... and gets better every time i see him by massive lumps. and he's northern so he's got a funny accent :lol: and personality to go with. (when him and porter get together there is no stopping them (look out the ladies (or not eh porter)))

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danny holroyd gets my vote, been a solid rider for years now and still keeps gettin better. he is one of the most sought after riders (for sponsors).

have to say waynio is gettin better and better, have yet to see him up shipley glen his home territory havent seen his crazy lines up there since encounters??

with the top riders in mbuk they have done everything, comps, demos, street etc very rounded riders. far too many people these days just stick to street, me included. will be strange seeing the changing of the guard, for me though it will always be ashton, hawyes, tongue, akrigg, rey, and the trialskings who i remember.

someone prove me wrong about that last point!

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IN terms of freshness, Jack Barnes has some crazy stuff i've never seen anyone do, you lot prob haven't heard of him but you will! oh you will. I'd pitch him against anyone for riding street, anyone. and so many of his moves are fresh, like manual to 180 up wall straight into front wheel backwards roll to end of wall and 180 off the end. Only holdback is his personality, he can be a bit of an arse so that perhaps rights him off for full-blown 'trials personality of the year' as such .Once the sites are up and running ill post some vids on here:



(dont bother yet, nothing to see, but will be soon!) :D(Y)

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id say waynio,damon wotson,ben travis ,james porter and sam wheeler


dont be daft ben, i cant ride for shit, im to uci for all these streety guys, who reckon they dont care.



waynio is one of the soundest lads i have had pleasure to meet. really good lad.

thats all really. think porter will be a good person to get an article on, but i dont read MBUK cos its shit to be honest. too much crap and false advertising (people pay for good reviews)

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This isnt a whos the best post, so stop posting who you think is the best,

Its the next trials personality

Waynio is the only sensible suggestion ive heard.

prob gotta agree with you there, hes got the personallity, if wayne turns up you know about it , hes loud and in your face yet doesnt piss you off, hes a great guy and a great rider too, if he does well in masters this year i can see him being one of the most famous riders in the country(although hes damn well know already)

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wayne mohamet... no question about that there.

chris walker, ben slinger and danny butler...or are they up there allready?

waynio, slinger and butler (Y)

deffinately waynio, slinger and butler

slinger butler poyser and waynio will be the next generation i think.

cant really comment much on wayne cos i ride with him all the time and hang out with him too so id be biased but he will be doing big things for the UK trials scene in years to come believe me.

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These guys need to be getting involved with the MBUK type stuff asap. They need to be media friendly and enjoy demos and public promotion stuff and the like. Wayne gets my vote as he seems to fit easily into the media mix and has good links with Akrigg already. But im not really up on the scene these days. Berridge, Goddard etc are all great riders but I just dont see them as 'Martin' type replacements. I reckon its also got a great deal to do with who riders already have links with. Wayneo for example knows Akrigg etc who should be able to pass him onto the right people. But what do i know..... :sick:

I dont think anyone is ready to be anywhere near as big r successful as the Martins have been over the past decade though. Would be very interested in what they feel on the matter. Come on guys let us know. Grrr im drunk

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