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Image Borders On Photoshop.....


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On photoshop i want to make a shitload of pictures i have, into finished images for the wall. I want nice simple borders on them that look good. In many magazines the edges of thew images have borders to finish them, rather than just straight edges.

How the f**k do i do this! Check the link for an example...


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create a new image , with the background set as transparent, blaze it up with your favourite brush and draw out a border , save that badboy and then paste it over the image you want to border.

or google it and download some

thats a good way.

another way is to do it on a new layer within the same image

- if you're really clever you can record the process as an action and then batch process bag loads of images at once. (file > automate etc.etc.)

eg. in the example given i'd do the following steps while recording a new action (actions pallette > new action)

make a new layer

fill it with white

select all

select > border (about 8px)

invert selection

clear the middle bit

apply a ripple filter (or something) to get the funny edges

stop recording your action

job done. and now you never have to do it again

I've written that from memory based on v7 so apologies if ive got the wrong menus n stuff

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If you want a standard 4 sided border, no fancy stuff, then duplicate background layer, or even create a new one. This layer has to be blank though.

Now go into blending options, make fill opacity 0%.

Select stroke, check the box to turn it on.

Under the options, change outside to inside.

Change the size and colour.

And ofcourse, move this layer to the top of all the layers.

You get the idea.

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