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Dirt Free Pads?


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Just a little something I picked up from mototrials but not sure if it would work at all, but if it did, it could be adapted to bike trials.

Basically, on a disc pad, you get a hacksaw and cut a few grooves onto the pad going horizontal, perhaps the same could be done for a Maggy pad, but it my weaken them or have no, or little effect.

The idea is that when water (with dirt) splashes onto the disc rotor or wheel rim, it is channeled through the grooves and so it should not collect at the start of the pad and then allow the rest of the pad to be coated in shite.

However, I dont think it would work personally because the brake it not always in contact with the rim or rotor, and if it did work when on the rim/rotor when you released the brake it would simply pour down the bottom half of the bad.

Any ideas?

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