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Any aerosol solutions that might work?

Few ideas being;


Belt Grip

Adhesive Spray

Coca Cola perhaps?

Obviously tar would be the best, but belt grip might work? Not that I'm going to try it, my brakes are shit enough without making them worse, so just curious.

What are your tried and tested products?

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DO NOT DO IT! doesn't work just makes the pads stick to the rim! and an arse to get off! and hard to get of the pads, if your rims clean the pads will STILL stick and not get off the rim!

I experienced that. Seems alright if not too much is on though, well for me it did!

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Like many others, I get mine from the road. Usually pick a piece up while riding around town on Thursdays.

I find a fresh liberial amount keeps the pads from sticking!

I would go for a grind but I can't get the dam tyre off the rear to do it. :angry:


you do know that you don't need to take the tyre off to grind a wheel,

you don't have to take anything off, just let down the tyre!!!

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Ive tryed softwood(pine) resin it works good but i doubt it will catch on its a little more hassle than tar but becuase i work with wood i can get a hold of it any time... What i do is find a live knot in the timber then drill it out collect the drill dust and place it on somthing clean then take a razor blade and chop it(like cocaine) then roll it up on your fingers and rub it on the rim.

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