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Echo Rims Cnc V 06 Drilled



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right ive read all the blurb on these rims on various websites and aside from drilling and width and slightly improved construction is it really worth going to that price for the 06 version

is 48mm excessively wide, i know they increase stability and reduce roll but will it have any negative effects? im running EX721 rims f/r at the moment (have done for 6 years) and feel brake power dies when the pads wear down by half. i've been reluctant to change from mavics because there is no stronger rim but having said that i cant keep buying new pads. i run a disc up front so wont be changing that rim.

i have goosed my rear rim so a new one is needed and its between these two (mainly because ive used a few echo parts and been impressed by them all).

so given that: 1) i have totalled a mavic u can tell im not the smoothest of riders, 2) i wont be building the wheel myself itll be built by a top bloke so i know build quality will be good and 3) its a birthday pressie so price doesnt atter so much 4) my bike is burgundy so colours dont matter itll be black or silver or silver or black (i do fancy green for some odd reason though) which is going to be better.

sensible answers please guys, and yes i have used to the search so before the wannabe mods quote me numerous topic titles, ive read them all, this is different. please keep comments to these rims only ive ruled out all others

Cheers guys, me birthday is the 21st so need to order soon, grrrrrr xmas post

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i have a 06 rear rim, it is f**king amazing, the side walls are VERY thick, i haven't dented mine yet.

I found mine fairly hard to grind, cause of the dense material. but after i ground it, it has held amazingly well and hasn't needed a new one (Y)

Get one mate (Y)

(the old echo CNC's are crap... in conparison)

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I found mine fairly hard to grind, cause of the dense material. but after i ground it, it has held amazingly well and hasn't needed a new one (Y)

they are very easy to grind i find

the only grind that may be hard on the 06 rim is the very first one because of the coloured sidewalls.

i got the tart to do my first grind to get rid of all the coating on the sidewalls, but now it is very easy to grind.

the 06 rims hold grinds amazingly well

get one they are awesome (Y)

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Are you running 32 or 36 hole hub on the rear? Echo's only come in 32 I believe...

Also the width might be a problem. Most frames that can get away with running a d521 with a magura may well not fit the likes of a koxx/echo rim.

I used the echo cnc on my mod and a few friends have them on stock. They grind well and seem to hold up quite well. Failing that you could never go wrong with an Alex DX32 which can be found in quite a lot of local bike shops.

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well i havent got mine built yet as i got them a week before my holiday but considering flexiness they seem to flex the same amount as my old cnc rim and the sidewalls look aloth thicker :) the only thing is that i know that neil has totaled 2 of these rims in a week and his cnc rims lasted like 9 month but before you go on saying hes goes stupidly big he is actually very smooth and was saying that the one died on a little mess about on pallets ... but we shal see :)


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