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Ripping A Video From Dvd


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Basically as it says in the title, i'm trying to copy a prat of a dvd into a playable computer format.. like mpeg or avi. I've tried using 2 different ripping programs so far and they both seem to record the video properly apart from having annoying lines that trail behind anything that moves in the video.

can anyone help me out with what i could do to fix it please?

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I have dvd shrink, but i don't want to compress the video to fit onto another dvd i want to change the file type so its preferably an avi but without the shitty lines, i would not be bothered if it was an mpg though.

cheers for the help felix, i understand why it does it now.. i just need someone to help me stop it!

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nope that didn't work, unless i havn't entered a setting or something, i've tried a couple of different ways and this program is useless.. its really slow as well.

anyone else know how i can get rid of the lines?

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