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Plymouth Ride Sun 18th

Wright Pads

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Sorry once again not been round much but meh.

Plymouth ride Sun 18th > You gonna come? Names i know of so far are.....


One arme'd Prawn i belive is

Steve S

Rob p?


Mini man



Vibrent J


My self



And anyone eles....??

If you need to get hold catch me on 07966116149. Meeting at 11am Sunday 18/12/2005 Copthorn Hotel.

Word of waring, don't get in my way...i'm going for everything this time without stoping for you to move, Olly as a poiunt of ref!

Oh and you won't miss me as i have got the most perfect entrance now...(must remeber not to let go of the bars)


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Well should have my very sweet pads all ready to go today so i'll be happyer wwith what i do a si know i can trust my brake 110% then.

My disc is still playing up so i think a stongly worded call to Matt will sort that out.

Gonna fresh grind my rim and tune up my king as she slipped on me last Saturday really badly if you remeber, yeah that time i fewll off the 1ft bench and smashed my self up and brused the whole of my chest. Glad i didn't rip my nippel and navel pierecings!!

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Luke...dude i only met you the once and thats when i though you were gonan daylgiht rape me and Nick Manning that time you were shopping in tiown, hahaha. was well cool too met you and out a face to a name and a good man online.

Me numbe ris 07966116149

Go ondude be sick for me please and ride with me. I'll love you forever. fact you cxould get off at Embankment road and ride into town with me man!! I'm on Grenville Raod currently

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