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Cancelling A Bid One Ebay?


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People at my cchool found out my ebay password and bidded on ''kinky'' sex toys which i dont want and cant afford. how do i cancel my bid, 'cos i dont want any bad feedback on ebay. theres still 3 days until it ends so i doubt it would matter much.

any suggestions (Y)

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Check it out:

I looked in the help section and entered "retract a bid" and ended up on this page:


If you retract a bid all retracted bids show up just below your feedback (as far as I've seen). If you can get the seller to cancel your bid, fine, if not retract the bids (you have to, or maybe end up with enough unpaid bidder strikes that you might get banned.)

EDIT: and change your password to a much more unguessable one "j03_3ld1ng" with underscores and numbers and stuff, but that you can remember.

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When ever i retracted my bids, all i had to do was fill out a form and it was done!. no email to seller or nothing!

Same with me. I retracted a bid for some trainers because i wanted to bid lower, was worried they were fake. I filled out a form, chose reason from the dropdown box ('bidded too much' or something) and it cancelled all the bids on the item straight away (Y)

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