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Bmx Stores With Free Postage?


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Problie no use to any one but there was no point in making a new topic ect ect.


Its only a £10 and i seam to rember the shadow conspricy ones being £20 or something.

So do thease chain stretch easly and things ?


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The 4 jeri half link chains are absolutely terrible. Avoid with your life - It will last all of two weeks. You get what you pay for really - Just run a KMC non stretch z chain and fit a shadow half link which you can get off one of your friends shadow chains which he decided was shit.

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Yeah, that's what I found funny about the press release style thing Shadow launched for the Interlock V2 saying "all problems solved", so it could go round smaller drivers, not have the pins shit out the sides of the chain, etc. - but it's still stretchy. WAY TO GO.

I don't get why people still buy them. It's nuts. KHE Collapse all the way :rolleyes:

Best postage charge I ever got (nearly ;)) was £6 for a £5 DVD. Go Alans...

Likin' the sig, James :P

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