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New Rim In A T-rex


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ok my ronnie ive had just over 6 months and ive treated it well part from a couple of dents :$ but i want a new rim do i either go for another ronnie because i no how good they actually are. or

go for the new echo rim because they look so pretty in colours :) but will it fit in a t-rex with 8mm of pad or will it be a bodge

hope you can help people cheers


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Ronnies are sweet, had mine nearly a year i think, and its still tru and tight.

I recently got a king on a koxx rimm but koxx rimms are total cheese, so i ordered another ronnie because there so good. You could do what he says and spray it :)

No eyelets or nout on the new echo rimms. I'd go for ronnie over any other rimm any day. Get a colour for the front and you can be just as pimp.

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Hi mate, if you can manage to find some where thats still selling them go for the 05 echo square punched rims. Because they are super strong, not too wide and not to thin, and hold a grind very well.

Cheers !!!

Dan !!!

they can't hold a grind for s**t but are strong if your a light rider, my mate put a big bitch of a bend in his from landing heavy when he hadn't had his long, very good rims thought if you treat them right... The new echo rims with drills in are rather lush aswell but a bit wide.... I've been running my rear echo rim for 6 / 7 monthes and shavn't been able to dent it, they don't buckle v. easilly either, been running my front echo rim since about feb and only buckled it once

go with an echo or stay with an onza

ToM ^_^

EDIT: I used to have a ronnie rim before my echo and it dented and snapped really easily! but held a grind for aaaaaages

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