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Just A Couple Of Interesting Things...


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I have recently been watching some of tunni's vids veeery closely and I've noticed that when he gets up something he always ends up looking right down at his back wheel, I've tried it and hopping up stuff is so much easier, what I was wondering is who uses this technique and who doesn't, I would also like to recommend it to you if you don't! (Y)

Also if anyone has seen zoo video 26 (tunni) he does a gap at the beginning from an old train thing to a planter, the way he lurches is pretty strange...

Firstly he lifts up the bike and bends his arms, he then straightens his legs and pushes himself and the bike forwards...

Just wondering if anyone uses this technique and whether it only works on gaps where you are also dropping...

Hope this topic isn't too useless for you all but I felt it could help some of you and also me :D(Y)

Nathan :P:)

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I spose so yeah :P

I need help with something lese too lads if anyone's got a minute...

I've been looking around and can't find any stems that aren't for bulge bars and are about 20 deg. rise and around 90mm long...

Could anyone suggest anything, or do I have to go down the route of buying a new set of bars and having the echo hifi low rise...

Cheers lads,

Nathan (Y):D

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