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Yep, I want to make sure that I get the headset installed properly before I cut the tube down to the correct size...

Well go down to your LBS and get somebody to fit the headset for you, and then pop the forks into the headset/frame and mark out where you want it cutting (with all the spacers etc.)

Then cut away, remember to nock the star nut down and cut about 2-3 mm under the line so you have room for your top-cap, hope i explained correctly.


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In my experiance its best to let your local bike shop do that. The "Correct" way is with a head set press which I've never seen but im guessing it works similar to a pillar drill.

When you said "installed properly" is there something which tells you it ISN'T installed properly?

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Found it


Thanks for the LBS advice but I like to do things myself, if I bugger it up then I'll take it to the shop ;)

thats how i was until i f**kd up a pair a 24seven bmx cranks

Still try and do every thing else just ask people first if im stuck like u

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