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Monty 221 Rear Brake


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Ok I have decided that I'm going to get the 221 dual disk. I now have the decesion of get the magua matras with monty pads or the hope trials. I really want the hope but I'm consurned with the locking power and pad movment of them for the rear. I have seen Dani Comas use them and he has no trouble with them but then again hes Dani Comas. Whats your guys thought on this. Anyone used Hopes?

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Deffinately get the hope brakes , they are unberleavably powerful.I`t takes about 1 week to bed them in fully.The marta`s are ok but after a while the levers go really wobbely and the brake slipps all the time.What you may find with the hope brakes is that they are too good!! .Especially the rear brake.But i`m sure you will get used to it.



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I used to run martas, and found no problems with them, they are really good, i used them at the world championships.

The only real reason i switched to hopes was because i find the levers are slightly better, and hopes are easier to repair.

If you can get hopes get them, but if not, it doesnt really matter to much

Scott (Y):D

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