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My Wheel Fell Out!


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So.. my rear hanger snapped. I filed it off and then found another hanger and used the quick release to hold it on. It works a treat.

However, I f**ked up a side hop and landed on the rear hanger. Instead of it bending, it just popped it off which caused the wheel to come off!!

In some ways that's great as the hanger didn't bend, but at the same time - my wheel fell out! I'm not sure which is better...

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No, I've left the old hanger in place, filed it down where it burred and then just put the DMR hanger on top of that.

I went riding today with no ill effects - I just did the skewer up a little bit more than usual. I'd like to get a proper hanger, but tartybikes haven't replied to my e-mail about it and as far as I know, they are the only people with them.

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