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i need a new bb after finding out tjat my one that i have now will be too short fror my zona sooo..... (N)

which one should i get? nothing too expensive but strong enough (Y)

i need it 127.5 - 128 mm(isis) for freewheel use too (Y)


p.s:looking at the v!z one. is that any good and will it fit in a zona zip bb shell? (Y)

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It doesnt ride ! its a Bottom bracket :(

Jesus theres a lot of new members that deserve your place on here :angry:

A viz bb is a rebranded fsa one, a try-all bb is a rebranded truvativ one.

just get a platinum pro, form dan ko, tarty or selectbikes.

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a try-all bb is a rebranded truvativ one.

'cept the Try-All doesn't have the Truvativ "Let's f**k Mark right off with this piece of shit type of extractor interface" BB tool interface...

My FSA Platinum Pro DH ISIS WAP GPRS BB seems to be working pretty well. I'd recommend it, but there's not a great deal of difference between the two.

There's a new BB Chris from S7 sent me a link to that sounds like it might be useful if the spindle length ticks the right box. Got needle bearings on the right side, and then standard sealed bearings on the left side or something like that - either way, seems really well thought out and might not be utterly shite. We'll see though I guess...

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