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Snail Cams


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You can only run them on certain frames...

Montys - as already said, they have the 'lugs' that stick out.

T-pros - Have the holes drilled into the dropouts for the bolts

erm...all frames with the holea at the dropouts basically :)(Y)

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i had chain tugs and always seem to had problems with them then i got some snail cams from Tartybikes and then i had no problems at all the ones i have are the Inspired SS (Stainless Snail) Tensioners and they are only £10 well worth the money because you can forget about your wheel alignment forever

cheers mackey (Y)

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Yeh, but they dont have grooves.

What use is a snail cam without grooves :S

Infinite chain tension adjustment. With teeth the adjustment of the tension in the chain is finite, i'e you can have 'x' tension or ''y' tensioner or 'z' tension, but if you want 'x.5' or y.5' you're a bit nadgered :(. Just where 'x.5' chain tension should/could be is more like 'z', a far higher tension than you want due to the 'high' point of the teeth being between one location dip and the next.

There is the case that notched cams dont undo if the wheel isn't quite 100% tight, or if you hit them on something. But if the wheel is loose enough for the tensioner to be able to rotate then surely the wheel isn't as tight as it ought to be? Keep the wheel tight and un-toothed snails cannot move without being hit. If you do hit smooth cams then they rotate out the way, sweet, just loosen your wheel, twist the cam back to get desired tension and tighten it all back up. If you hit a toothed one the chances of it moving are greatly reduced as it's rotational movement is limited by the high-points on the notches. If the toothed cam cannot rotate it will have a significantly higher chance of just bending, which would be a bit of an arse :(.

Blimey, technical little things these shelled slimey things!

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