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Im Worried


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I can't remember who it was in my year, but someone used to just put all the pictures onto the end of a long coursework essay (obviously saved as a .doc file), so it'd just look like a coursework thing. Apparently (so he said), you can even layer the pictures so they're hidden behind a 'normal' picture to.

The lengths some people go to :P

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Have a folder which has 100 folders in it, leading to a further 100 folders, leading to a further 100 folders and so on. That way even if they find your secret porn folder, they'll never find the porn. This worked for my Gran until I realised she'd used her birthday as the code

This could work, but would take a lot of effort. When i used to dabble in porn, i had 4 levels of folders name 'a', 'b', 'c', and 'd'. Each one had the same again, and again, and again.

However, if you rollover a folder, it will tell you its size, which means you can easily find the route to the folder with the goods in.

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People really put far too much effort into hiding porn.

View pics and short videos on websites.

If you want a long video, jsut rename it "London Ride" or something, and put it in a trials vids folder.

If its really big, call it "Family Guy - Brian Does Hollywood" or something.

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