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A Couple Of Pics From Today


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Stupid tap from the boy Kyle Hinchcliffe (Think that's how you spell it). He made it to back wheel too :)

IPB Image

Drop gap

IPB Image

Same gap, different angle

IPB Image

Then it got a bit dark, so out come the blurry pics :P

IPB Image

I can't decide if this is good or not. I know I managed to cut the bottom off, but I like it :P

IPB Image

That's actually it. More next time :)

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Not bad with just an Olympus point and shoot digital...

Gonna get a new camera after christmas hopefully - Something like a Fuji s5600 (Y)

My Olympus is getting on a bit, but it's been pretty damn good really. Takes lovely photos in bright weather (although it doesn't like a lot of contrast), but as soon as it gets darker it just fails miserably.

1. He has snapped it in two places, but it's still rideable. New frame on the way I believe ;)

2. Yeah, that tyre was stupid, probably the baldest I've seen.

3. I'm sure that wasn't the biggest tap we saw all day, that boy is a bit of a beast at taps.

4. Looking forward to the video (Y)

Any more comments? :)

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