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Well... I got a new wheel a while ago and since my brake has not worked.

Its the old 42mm koxx rim, which I thought was supposed to keep a good grind? Maybe not.

Well I went round everything trying to eliminate everyting I could possibly check. Changed the pads twice, from koxx greens to browns to heatsink reds. All to no avail.

My brake is set up perfectly square, and I mean that... not some kid firing them on and hoping for the best. They hit PERFECT! Both pads at the same time!

I am using a control booster and a water bleed. There is no mushyness at all in the lever.

I am putting it down to the grind as its the only thing that changes the performance of the brake when changed.

I usually just run the grinder round the rim and jobs done... brake super for a month or so but this isn't the case here. If i try it one way it locks up and makes a lovely sound going backwards :unsure: and if done the other way it does nothing at all!

I have heard people saying that grinding on top of a grind is bad, so I got out the sander and smoothed and made sure the bitch was flat before regrinding.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a certain grinding pattern I should be following?

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i know youve tried loads of pads and when you read this youll just think ive already tried, but get some plazmatic crms, grind your rim however you like, set em up ;) just trust me, i had one of these rims and i had the same problem until i got some plaz brake was absoloutely amazing with these

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I see where your coming from but this close to christmas new pads is impossible at the minute. Too much money out the window this month.

I am using a metal cutting disc if that helps, I seem to remember reading this is what was best. Always worked for me before.

I tried one grind with old disc (worked backwards) and one with a spanking new one (not workie at all).

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Maybe just give it some time or drag the back brake down a hill a few times, should shape up then (Y) .

Oh and as for grinding, your grinder might be a bit fast so go around quite fast with the grinder but repeat the process a few times to make sure you don't miss out any bits of the rim (if the grinder is fast then the grind is finer and that's bad, you want a rough as fook grind).

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