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The New Echo Control (short Version)


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I have recently cracked my Saracen beyond foreseeable repair and want to get a new frame. Everyone i have asked has said get the echo controll and have advised me to get the shorter one to suit my riding style which i cant argue with

i just want to know what are your personal experiences with yours how they handle good on back wheel durable??? e.t.c. and what is the benifit over other frames pro's cons e.t.c. thanks in advance guys ^_^

Edit any built up pics of your bikes?

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Hey guys, sorry to sorta highjack the topic but this doesnt really deserve a new one. I was planning on getting the new ashton but after reading this i could consider getting one of these instead. I know not many people have ridden the new ashton yet as they arn't really that common but can anybody give me some opinions on which would be better?

The only reason i can think of why i wouldnt want a control is that they are quite common??

Any advise would be great.

Cheers, Aaron.

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Good on im a saracen at the moment so think that i would suit the shorter version i dont like the look of the ashton i don't know just think it looks a bit funky with the funny seat i dont no just think ill get the echo my dads kind of coming round to me loosing my hard earnt savings lol

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