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mat hudson

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Spoken to a few ''fems'' Females about this inc the wife!

Her reply was she doesn't want to do it as she fears being better than me but anyways her main point was about her body changing. She didn't want to go from a perfect size 10 to bigger due to putting on mussle as she would do so as i have...a last.

Also she found it very male domanering and didn;t understand why we got so excited on a few thing. one such today, Richard doing a 12ft drop to 10ft gap and D shapping his wheel. Him trying alone and then further more times after he killed his ankle. Meh women will never understand.

Edit: After wrighting this post i got a smach over the back of me head. Och! So i guess casen point is women do take part..or mine does via me and the net. Dam!

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haha, i'm a girl!!! i mainly do bmxing, but my boyfriends got me into trials, but i am completely useless at it!! I do not look like a guy thank you!! those few of you who have my msn have seen my display picture!! ;)

And yet you have a blue flower thing in your user photo, very dissapointing. :closedeyes:

Visit TrialsQueens for the lady riders. (Y)

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