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Magura Bleeading


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hi i dont know if i need a rebleed on my bike. i think i do but not sure. when i let it go it takes its time on leaving the rim. it also is realy hard to press recently its a bit spungey. also the tpa in on full when it hardly even ajusts. <do i need a rebleed>


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Just top it up and it takes time leaving the rim because you have a lazy piston take the brake off with the pads off press the brake and clean all the s**te off the piston then cover it in WD40 or someting like it. to top the brake up, the piston you take the bolt out of to bleed it have it so its facing upwards then take the bolt out and press the brake untill the water comes to the top of the hole then let it out a bit so you can stilll see the water and just top the water up untill you can't get anymore in (make sure the TPA is right out) then put the bolt back in and set your brake and away you go :)

hope i'v helped mate.


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