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Any Cool Rides Happen This Weekend


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PLYMOUTH, was f**king aswome and not wet this time till very late when it gotten cold and dark. many cameras and video i do belive here today. Some very big style and move let alone stuff done at the end of the day.

2 wheels died

1 ankel stressted to the max

1 disc brake killed

3 pinch flats

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I went training with Mr Ben Slinger this Sunday gone at Back Cown.

Was bloody good untill all the rocks ended up covered in snow ! :(

If you get the chance to ride with Ben you will learn quickly & Soon

realise why he is a World Champ. <_<

Thanks Ben for a cracking day, See you soon Sam. (Y)

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Saturday in Southend was well good had some pimp bikes out a totally brand new £2200 limey was out for show went the biggest ive ever been like 6 times on a seriously cracked frame! lol and drop gap i never dome was great great fun!! lol cheers guys

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I went riding in Folkestone with Darren Hill and Dave Lowe. It was a good ride. Although It was my 2nd ride with my brand new rear disc rotor. I fell off and TWATTED it against something and bent the **** out of it. Took me a while to get it back in to shape. It rides fine, but rubs a little. Kind of annoying as I only just got it :( I never bent the 160mm I had on their before - the move to 185mm obviously makes it more of a target :D

Still, an all around good ride. That month I took off for injury made a big difference, I've lost a lot of muscle (probably all the booze..). But things are getting a lot better.

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