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Making A Frame Out Off Polystyrene


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Your probly thinking its a nother one of my stuiped idears but this is my dad's company,

So iam thinking off make a mod frame just to go on my wall fall size on even though there so small,So with help off you lot iam hoping to design a real nice cool frame.That is compelte different to any orther mod frame

please do a drawing on paint and ill use everyones idears and put them in to a one off frame made form Polystyrene thats if anyone whats to draw a frame even if you edit anthoer frame it will help be design a frame.

Ill will post pictures every time i go down to the workshop and do anything to the frame.

And what colour should it be



please do not reply if you do not what to help


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Is this war ? :P

On another note...

That's a great idea dude (Y)

Think about the colour scheme of your room before you choose colours for the frame.

Try to make something thats not too intricate, This may make the poly-whatever-it's-called weaker.

Something similar to a t-pro or a zip would be cool, Make sure you keep us updated :)(Y)

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I got a pain white wall with a sunburst wave with a surfer on it so id probably go with an bright sunburst orange colour wouldnt fade into yellow would look lame and wouldnt come out well gooa idea there is a £60, "trials" frame in my local bike shop wanted to buy it for exactly the same reason

Pick on my English and i will Slaughter you ! :P

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