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What Has Deng Been Up To Now?


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Porter and dave. can i join in? i can add a ladeeeeeeeeeee to the equation too ;) sarah can be infront of me with dave behind porter and porter behind me. can you work out who is at the front? and who is at the back?


you 2 are nutta's and i love you both. all my lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve :P:lol::oB)

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Porter, have you ever seen A naked Lady before??

I didnt Know Breasts were sooo low.

And you may want to see the Doc about these strange lumps on your arms.

Also, the Yellow, Gohonaria style Discharge makes this seem like a bit of an STD Orgy....... Probly from Germany.

Daves Well Endowed ;)

See you on MSN later Dave

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The end of Deng's empire maybe? Not immediately, but seeing as he's f**ked off a load of people now and they're sorta standing up against him it might sorta improve stuff now? Same way that the Zona Zip meant that Zoo Pythons got super cheap 'n' stuff like that...

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