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Gu Vs Pitbull


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I wouldn't just go on how many people post supporting what frame.

Look at people who've got valid information to be honest. My mate has a Pitbull and I haven't even seen or ridden a Gu but they look really nice, and from brushing over Tartybike's information they're going to replace the Pitbull's previous top position for sale numbers.

Their high bb and strong / light attributes mean they're really reliable and most probably won't crack or snap on you. I know that the Pitbull hasn't snapped much either though, but it's fair heavy.

Have a look and compare weights and then just think about which you like the look of best.

After that I don't think there's much between them :)


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Ive rode an 06 pitbull and it is awsome but the adamant a1 feels alot nicer in my opinion as for the gu its got all the looks but has it got what you want most of the frames deng has released are around the same geometry its upto you what you want not what everyone else says.


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aI prefer the zoo pitbull and yes i have ridden both.

With the gu i found the head angle to be ridiculously slack and the chainstays aso a ridiculous length related to the bottom bracket rise.

The Pitbull i prefer a lot to the GU although i am fairly against any BB rise the pitbull definately feels nicer.

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