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Any Of You Build Your Own Wheels?


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I always ride around with a spoke key, cause my rear wheel is well buckled. But I can't even straighten that. I'd poo myself if I had to do a whole wheel build. I just can't get all the spokes a decent tension and keep the wheel true. Tis a proper nightmare.... arrrrrrr (pirate noise)

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topic is a bit radom but, yes i have and it worked well, i was shocked! the first few weeks every time i did some thing i would inspect the damage but nothing, i ran in on a jump bike so after a few major bails nd a few snaped spokes it gave up, but its something worth while learning to do


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i build all of my own wheels and some of my mates, if you just take your time to get all the spokes at a good tension it will be a good wheel, but with your first 5 or so wheels always carry a spoke key after, because they have a habit of getting loose. good luck if your thinking of trying

ps. get a nice spoke key, it will save your fingers in the long run!

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Yep, have done a few. Good money saver and quite a handy skill to have. If you break a spoke who wants to pay a bike shop for something so simple? Built 2 20" wheels with drum brakes a while back and couldnt find the right spoke length (crazy flange on the hub) so had to cut some down and re-thread.

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This man is a f**king legend. he goes on a bit but you will learn form that website how to if not lace but build and trune a wheel.

I've built wheels for the past 12 years, over 500 and still doing my own now. I've had a Tarty Wheel from back in the day when it was just AR himself doing it and i'd be confident in saying my builds are as good a his, ie: same par, his knowleg for spoke lengths is better. Ad's brain no word of a lie is a dt swis spoke calulator and f**king more. Rearly have to adjst my spokes..fact never only when i fold my rims.

Top tips:-

Decent spoke key helps (i find the solid plastic ones good, get a red one)

Dt swis chapmion or Sapim race spokes

Stainless steal nipples help for 1st timers as you will round them off

Biggest thing, right spokes lengths, right hole rim and hub and spokes to match with few extra nipples.

You biggest helper is time and patentes.

Locate the key hole, can be 1st hole right or left of the valve hole on your rim!

If it's looking like a spiders web your going in the right direction. Look at lots of wheels or try and copy one.

Oh and once you've it all laced up, don't worry if it's lose, as you wind the thread up on them all it's hopefully going to tigthen up! He says!!

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