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I've Searched But Still Don't Understand Grinding


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i have searched and searched but i still don't understand how to grind a rim. :huh:

1st of all do i go around the rim with the grinder or across the rim in a downward direction. :S

Please can anyone post the dumass's guide to rim grinding. :$

I am so sorry to bring it up again.

Bhups. :)

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Grind up or down the rim as picture shows.

I have not had a go myself (if only I could get my dam tyre off) but seems pretty straight forward to me!

I'll let you search to see if a stone or metal grinding disc is better.


IPB Image

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as soon as i put my hands on a grinder i did a easy grind because i dent have any good pads at the time and when i did get pads i grinded my rim for the second time and that came out really good.. that proves that it really easy lol... just make sure your face the oppsit way from the wind if u do it outside because bits of rim ends up into your eyes lol

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I don't mean to scare people, but I think I should. There are a lot of younger riders on here, I know it sounds like Blue Peter but get you dad to do it if you've never used a grinder!

I know people who have had one to there arm and had flakes of metal fling off into their eyes and metal flakes don't rub out, they scratch and cut deep into your eyeball, so wear fecking goggles.

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I've seen a few 1st timers freak withthe aluminum fliing off.

Wear you rididng gloves, beat them hard after to get clean

Wear spec to keep them soft watery things in you nogging safe, flying shard of hot dusty mess hurt like hell

I totally agree on wearing goggles but am not so sure on wearing gloves. You can lose some tactility with gloves = possibility of hands in grinder or even picking up on velcro tabs or any loose materials. If the grinder is guarded you shouldnt have a problem with aluminium filings in your hands.

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Ive just got myself a grinder :P But still dont want to risk ruining my rim by grinding it wrong. I will practice on old rims till I get the hang of it but has anyone got a video they could upload or send to me on msn....If so PM me please. :) Or just upload it on here,thanks.

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