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Martyn Ashton Bike Justice 20ich Any Good


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I might be a bit biast, but I recken its an ace mod :D cirtenly one of the better looking in my eyes.

I will be honest and say that it could be better speced, but I would rather have the things like vee brakes to maggies, but maybe nicer cranks and rear hub would be nice.

never ridden one though, so cant comment on that :(

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Well it is martyn ashtons company so it is bound to be quite good because he has been around for a while and has probably rode a fair few bikes to no what rides good and what rides bad.

I like the bike it looks different and is in nice colours. (Y)(Y)

Its a shame it is only two bolt mounts because that is the only part that lets the bike down you should try the evo mounts but you might not like them i felt they were spongy or you could just run v brakes.

Cheers Mackey

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