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It was such a crap film, it was way out of range like nearly every hooligan gang dosn't have five people in it even blackpool has a bigger firm than that (N) and for the record west ham have nothing on millwall. Blackpool even beat west ham (or milwall can't remember) when they came up here :rolleyes: football factory is a lot more realistic they fight away from anyother people and not in the middle of a trainstation. And unlike "greenstreet elite" football factory had grimmer fight seens(sp) which in turn made it more realistic.

and the acting by the tall blonde guy oh my god he cant act for s**t his accent was soo rubbish i could do better.



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Oh yeh thats well not true, you have not got a clue what your on about, but like i said its what you all think so you all have an opinion.

Cheers !!!

Dan !!!

p.s-have a good christmas lol :P(Y)

Yeah and you sound like you know everything about it :-


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