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Benito Ros


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I've seen that pic before on bike trial spain. he runs his tyres solid, as do most of the elite riders. i think he was just on the edge there and was leaning in. either that or he had a puncture but he deffo runs his tyres solid.

He'll have got a falt and then tried to finishs off the section i would have thought.

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I've heard of rimming it on takeoffs but thats just exteme, the tyre seems to be completely off the rim, i bet hes pleased he doesnt have tubeless :lol: loads of go would just fly out!!

He must have a slow....othewise that was a mega preload!!! (Y)

Does anyone know what the pics says, could help?

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around 20-25psi for a rear stock mate i think, thats what we all run, mainly because thats what i was told savage and others ride with which also seemed to work for me as im doing big drop gaps and taps,.


not trying to piss on your fire mate, but i am quite sure savage will back me up on this, he dosn't have a set tyre pressure, beacuse of the wether or something:S, your tyres feel harder or softer on dif days, so savage just get on the edge of a step or rock or something and pushes on his tyre till it rims out, if it rims out easily then its too soft and vice versa.


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I've been ridin with juanda de la pena and a couple of the other elite lads at the worlds. They all run their tyres pretty hard in the dry. they dont need to find all their bounce in the tyre, it's in their muscles and technique. Also on natural stuff, when your on an angled rock for exaple you dont want your tyre soft otherwise it will fold and you will be out of control, with a hard tyre it only folds slightly and you are in complete control.

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