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New Tartybikes Video!

Stan Shaw

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:o So chilled out. How do you not get cold just a tee in that weather. :blink:

The editing did work out alright, just that I was'nt on the edge of my seat if you know what I mean.Maybe the music was abit boring, but over all very good vid.

What pads are you running because your brake is extremely quitet ? :)

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Awesome video, I liked the way you used chilled music and kept the bike noises in, it suited your smooth style perfectly. I prefer this type of video wth smooth editing and chilled music as it does get boring watching video's with hardcore music and crap editing.

The riding was awesome, some huge stuff there made to look effortless. :o

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smooth as f**k stan lol.

And i didn't realise there was so much natural riding on mars!!!

wouldnt have thought there was much in the way of street though..... (haha or is there ? )

but yeah that place looks cool as

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Look at the gap at 1:25. That's the gap in Manchester that you and Lee were doing DOWN. Stan just pissed on it going up!

Cool video, that wheel swap from being wedged on that bench was crazy :S

Yes but do you realize how far Stan can gap he has done 9ft or summet sill thats only 7ft 11 :lol:

I wasn't saying everything was smallbecause the avaerage rider couldn't do most of that but for stan he can rinse it thats why it's so beasty and controld on the video he's one smooth beasty mofo


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