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Insurance Vs. Cars


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Just enquiring really as to any cheap insurance for certain cars, car insurance sites like confused.com are pissing me off and filling all the details of cars in over and over is annoying as hell.

Anyway, I was just curious as to what cars (model, year, size) some of you guys drive and how much you pay on your insurance. I keep getting about 2000 on any french car (citroen, fiat, pegeot I can get them cheap - trade auction) and about 1500 on a Vauxhall Corsa (1997) any newer then that and it almost overloads the server and blows my monitor up.

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smo that seems expensive.

im with norwich union. paying £598.99 for a 4 year old 1.6 206. (insurance group 6) in my dads name,he does have a large no claims bonus, with me as a named driver (i have been driving less than a year, and am 17 years old)

thats for 14 months (2months were chucked in free) fully comprehensive with no claim protected.

used confused to find it out, bit or an arse but definately worth the hassel, i saved 400 from the renewal quote.

saying all that had i insured it in my name it was hard to find a sub £1800 quote.

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I insured my first car, a 1.2 S reg ('98) Punto, for £700 tpft when I was 18, zero no claims but had been driving my dads car for almost a year. That was with Endsleigh.

I'm currently driving a 1.6 Civic VTi with 160bhp and pay just £475 tpft through Norwich Union, but i'm now 21 and have 2 years no claims.

If you're getting rediculously high quotes everywhere it suggests you live in a high risk area or have something else going against you. Unfortunately at your age there's very little you'll be able to do to reduce a premium but that's just the way it is and it's why the vast majority of new drivers own beat up old Fiestas. Bite the bullet, own a heap for a couple of years, drive carefully and your premiums will soon come down.


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Ive learnt the hard way that theres just no point going on your parents insurance. It might seem easy at the time but trust me it will cause you ball ach in the long run. Bite the bullet, get a small engined crap car, 3rd party insurance and get a years no claims, then see about a nicer car

Im 19, 0 NCB, 2002 fiesta zetec s 1.6, £1400 tpft

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Should be a Honda Civic Type R 2.0l? Better be black Chris.

Yea its £4600 without pass plus and 0 years of no claims. Which is where im gonna be at this march when new registration comes in.

Its a f**k load of money.. which is enough to buy a car as it is :ermm: Also i cant take pass plus anymore because ive been driving for over 2 years.

Its like.. a category 17 i think... and im in a 9 at the mo.. so going 0.4 higher the category moves 8 places... :blink:

Making me seriously think about wanting a different car. The new civic looks gash .. and i do bum sex honda muchos so it'll be weird lookin for something else.

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At 21 i paid £1K for a Mk2 Golf GTi fully comp with elephant.com

Now with Lloyds TSB as were more competitive with 1 yr NCB

Direct line can also be good too.

Depends on your circumstances as to which company will be best for you so what's good for your mates may be poo for you - get on't t'interweb and suss it out. Its worth spending a day at it if you're gonna save a few hundred quid!

Also try and avoid paying in installments as some charge 30% APR - you'd be better off dropping your pants and bending over than paying that! If you can't afford that a credit card will often be at a better APR (So long as you PAY it!!!

Check out moneysavingexpert.com for some savvy £ note advice!

Also if you've a 60year old granny with 765years NCB bang her on the policy too even if she'll never drive it.

A named driver spreads the risk so lowers the premium.

Black magic this insurance Jazz!

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I pay 800 quid on a 2ltr fiesta with adrian flux insurance.

I am 23 though and have 4 years no claims bonus.

My 1st car was a 15 y/o nova 1.2 ltr that cost 1500 quid insurance 3rd party

is that an engine conversion then, cos i heard with engine conversions your insurance will go sky high.

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I'm not looking forward to having my own policy :( Being insured on both parents is such a cushty deal lol Although by the time i'm going to be able to afford my own and run my own car i'm going to be at least 21 which is good. Looking up quotes at the moment aged 20, with no NCB and an accident (2yrs ago) its around 1400 fully comp on a 1.4 polo. So there is a benefit to getting old :lol:

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