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I find talking in detail about your porn collection is a good starting point (Y)

(or more realistically, just avoid talking about the weather, go with the flow, and if there are any arquard scilences just keep asking more and more questions about her... girls like that :P )

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I dunno really, Im not very romantic. If a girl wants to go out then Ill only go out with her if my bike is broken :-

Yeah thats quite mean really.... I end up talking shit, doing silly things, anything to make her laugh. Once shes laughing that means I appeal to her, even if it is only slight....

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f**k 'chatting'. i'm all for banta from the start. Take the piss like mad! Obviously make it clear its all joking and if she is half decent she'll give you shit back!

If thats not your thing, then just ask questions like crazy. Think about it, how easy is it to talk about yourself when people are asking you questions about you.... EASY

If you ask her a million questions, you'll be in her good books because you are 'interested'. She will be quite happy talking forever about herself, while you sit there saying nothing, and hearing what she is saying, which in turn leads to more talk and before you know it, you know a shitload of stuff about her, and then it'll be easy to chat....

If its too much hard work then it mustn't be right (Y)


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