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Chat Up Lines?


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This has probably been done before and i apologise if it has but go for it. Post your best chat up line.

Best one i heard in a while, not really as a chat up line but an ice breaker and for a comical laff, normally works better with bigger lads - ' i may only have a 6inch c**k but i got 15 stone(or however heavy) here to ram it in with'

There is of course Waynes/Bucks great line of 'Nice shoes, fancy a f**k'

garunteed(sp?) to get a funny look and an instant turn down!

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The best one was we were so out of our faces outside the rugby club and we found the stumble technique i pushed him and he would fall into the girl like oh my gosh im so sorry, hope i didnt hurt you, hey im brad how you doing, worked a treat trust lol

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I was in a club with my mate Darren and he bet me a drink I couldn't pull in the next 5 minutes. So I turned round to the nearest fit girl I could find and said "Do you like my hair cut?" and then she tried to eat my face :o

I had a Mo-Hawk at the time :D For two days only :S

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