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10ft Drop


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You need to be perfectly calm on top of big drops outherwise ull stutter and die, and that didnt look like 10foot more like 8-9

I find the best ways to drop is one kick about 3 steady hops lower the front real slow and kick extend your arms and legs and hold on tight. :-

ALI i did that off about 8 foot and manage to gap about 12. :D its so much of a rush.

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To me it looked like you were dropping 10ft without actually attempting to soak up the drop. Like Ali C said, the shape you make at the edge of the drop should be a lot more compressed with your arse right over the back wheel.

You've got big balls for trying it, good man. Now do it again, but absorb the drop!

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You looked abit nervous on't backwheel up there

Not suprised!

Very enterataining vid. ^_^

All you got to do is get your ass down onto the back wheel just befor you drop, should make it feel a foot less if you do it right.

Also, it looks liek your trying to keep the bike on the back wheel, on the first drop, the front wheel dosn't have much speed befor it gets close to the ground. Maby your landing too vert? Hence the front wheel flying away?

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was gona say, that was no way 10foot, was however completely pointless both doing it and putting it on the internet. But so long as you enjoyed urself.....

it was pointless doing it? lol, i know what u mean about drop and they can seem pointless, but i do remember you doing some large drops in ur videos :P

good stuff matt, get it nailed before 2006 and i will have to come over there and try it :D

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