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IYO, what would be the best mod frame on the market at the moment? i like the look of the xtp but... the price is kind of a downer

id go for the echo team. very reliable and strong ok price.

if you shoperound you can prbo rind quet a cheap echo

yhe the xtp price is very steep


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my friend has a GU 20" long it rides really nice,it sidehops easily and still fairly manoveourable even though it is a long frame.The only problem i found was that it hurt my back (N) when riding it for a while but that may be because i am used to riding a short bike.

i wouldnt get a XTP they are overpriced i would say either get a GU typhoon or a Zoo if you are looking for a long bike. (Y)

Cheers Mackey (Y)

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hey ,

i have rode all three koxx level boss, xtp (full build) and the echo.

price dose matter here as they are all very nice to ride!! but i would go for the echo such a sweet ride my mate has a nice set-up for his one and well it rides like a dream!!

echo all the way (Y)



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