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Any one got any good tips on riding as i have only been riding 6 months and i need some tips


riding through the town centre on a saturday is a great way to improve balance and control at low speeds.

The presence of pushchairs and grandmothers adds a little spice.

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LOL very good


I'm being serious, sort of.

Work on balance all the time you're on your bike - ride along kerbs and roll over benches on your way to the shops / rides / college etc. do manuals everywhere as well.

I've only really been riding proper for about a year and I'm finding that my appalling sense of balance is the biggest obstacle I'm facing - it screws you on sidehops cos you can't get a good foundation to hop from, it screws you when climbing stuff cos you cant stay on the backwheel solidly enough to bounce or gap properly after you've pedalled up stuff etc. etc.

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basically practice makes perfect so ride whenever you can i have been riding just under two years and am always out on my bike.

the other good way to get better is to ride with peole better than you they get you more motivated and etc to ride harder and better

Cheers Mackey

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Don't eat yellow snow! :lol:

sorry i had to write that.

But seriosly just ride all the time with people better than you (you'll get pissed off and force your self to improve) thats what i did and now i'm at the same levels of some of the people i ride with!

Also watch loads of decent videos and lisen to music that pumps you for riding and you'll improve like a Mutha trucker :D

(Y) Liam (Y)

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