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Chrismas Prezzies What Yall Getting?

sammt .g.

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Nice parents ^_^

And dont buy a psp, waste of money to be honest, u wont use it after a month i bet. Save you money for ps3 or 360 :/ or even better a pc ^^

Doesn't matter about money, It'll be free. Already have a 360 and my PC was my 18th Birthday present (it's more powerful than the new Xbox) and I've already begun saving for the PS3 - can't wait for that! The PS2 was awesome, surely the new one will be just as awesome, but awesomer. Basically the PSP's the last thing on my 'gaming' wishlist. They're so cool!

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Czar Ivan frame in long with silver decals

Echo hi-fi stem

New headset to fit it

Possibly new pedals (onza hognesium)

Lots of other random stuff I guess, but they are my main presents which I have been saving money for a while for, so the money that I get from christmas will be going towards them. They're not really presents I suppose, but thats what Im getting. (Y)

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Adamant a2 long

echo hifi low stem

echo headset (green)

a pair of maxxis tyres

an 04 maggie rear (grey)

and quite abit of clothes

also i think my sister has got me a new phone :P

Think i have done very well this crimbo :lol:

Cheers Kyle.

Friggin' hell, are your mum and dad buying you all that? :o

You have done well if they are, that or your familys rich. :-

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