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Just Cleaned My Bike


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I washed my bike once. I didnt take anything off and it seemed fine afterwards.

I wouldn't worry about regreasing anything unless you used some sort of evil degreasery industrial soap stuff.

then again - I have only done it once so i may not be the best person to listen to ...

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I hope you used lots of water, as washing up liquid has a lot of salt in it. It is a corrosive agent if you have a steel frame...

I spray chain, mech and cable ends with GT-85 (as well as odd bolts that have rusted in the past). Also bushings or springs such as V brakes. This gets the water out and stops rust. GT-85 also leaves teflon behind.

If you haven't put too much water on or around the bearings then they should be ok. Same with BB and headset. High pressure washers cause problems though as it forces water through the shielding. If they're cup and cone bearings, set aside an afternoon and strip the wheels carefully one by one. Make sure you know what you're doing before hand though, and be ready to nip to halfords for some new bearings if needs be. Same with your headset. Stripping bearings is good preventative maintenance, but also a good way to break something if you get it wrong, or find something which needs replacing. If in doubt, leave it alone or have a proper bike shop check it out.

If you have cartridge bearings or a sealed BB, then there's not much you can do. Just replace when busted.

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