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ok well my new bike arrived this morning... all was ok... but the headset...

i would of thought that there would have bin bearings for the headset included but there wasnt, so i had buy some. i taken all the lil bits he had provided and my new bearings... but then realised i didnt have a clue how to put ir together :ermm: i had a go it but everytime i tried it just didnt seem right (it is whater u call it... im sure u will know what im talking about....) each time i tightened the top cap it seemed to tight... even when tightened the tinyest amount and made a grinding noise when i turned the bars... or when it seemed tight enough... well tight enough not to make the gay grinding noise (N) also when it seemed fine the stem/headset was started moving :S

ok i dont know what im talking about... iv bin tryna fix it for about 2 hours now and i think its about time i asked for help :(

so if anyone knows what im on about, or if u have any step by step information as to how to put on a headset then please help me...

btw the headset is in the frame... its just the ?internals? what look to me incorrect....

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Chances are if it won't tighten properly then the bearings are the wrong size. What make headset is it? if you let us know then someone may know the right size bearings.

Other than that there could be a few other problems. You haven't stated whether it was new or s/h, if it's second hand the cups could be badly worn, look for pitting or grooves cut into the bearing cups and crown race. If that's fine then you could be putting it together wrong. The bearings, assuming there in a cage, should be positioned so they face the cups, with the flat part of the cage facing outwards.

If it's all together in the right order then chances are something's missing or the bearings are wrong. Like I said let us know exactly what you got and we may be able to offer more help.


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