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Callum Trialsin

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There realy isn't a good tyre to use in the rain but slow reezays are good all year round (26") and the montys are looking good for the mods, grip on the side of the tyre thats inginiouse(sp) :D

And there isn't realy any point in changing tyres because of the weather it would take to much time :sleeping: if its raining then ware your helmet :)


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I often end up using some crap like panaracer in the summer, because thats all my local bike shop stocks and I can just roll in and pick one up cheap. They do their job OK in the dry, only downside is puncture protection. In the winter I use maxxis on the back now always, the super tacky compound is my favourite, good grip with OK wear life. On the front I have become accustomed to the try-all tyres, they look good, grip good and have good puncture protection. I would recommend them to anyone. (Y)

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