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James Richardson (biff) Street Video!

joe b

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Helloooooo, just finished uploading Biff's new vid. I think its pretty damn good! He lost about 3 minutes worth of clips, so apologies from the man himself if you feel it lacked footage.

You can get the video here, from my File Browser. Constructive critism only, please! (Y)

Enjoy... :)



Edit: Might need VLC Media player to watch, Download VLC media player if video does not work.

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240kb/sec. Lovin' it.

edit: It was an alright vid. A tad sketchy though! The start bit was ace and that Rob D. start =)

I'm tempted to go back to a Tpro for a change. Looks nice and easily throw about-able.

How do you find your Monty bars and stem (Monty I think?) I Fancy a different set up. Need to make my bike feel like you can throw it about more I think.


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Shame T-Pro Snapped mate, you had quite alot of decent footage aswell. Overall good video some good riding (Y) really enjoyed the song and cant wait for you to get some footage of you and your Monty :P.

Ride with you soon mate!

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played fine for me on windows media player, soon mint riding there you are really good!

keep it up.


what bike next?

He has a Monty 221 Ti in Red, he sold his Giant and T-pro parts so he could get a Zoo Pitbull 06. Which he built up for 450, and it looks BEAUTIFUL!, Hes moving back to 20 though as he's suited to it better.

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