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Get Well Soon Ben!

Inspired Dave

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Just a quick one to wish Ben Travis (Adamant/tartybikes rider and generally super nice guy from Stonehaven) all the best. Just heard off Damon that Ben had a bit of a sideways gap-drop to a rail on the go and his tyre wasn't having it. Slipped down and landed on the rail fairly hard by the sounds of it. Wasn't a super harsh crash apparently, but it turns out he has ended up in hospital with internal bleeding of some sort or other! :ermm:

Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious and he'll be back to doing some beasty street moves in the near future!

Hope it doesnt spoil your Christmas geez!

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hey guys,

cheers for the support, it f**king hurts i tell thee, i doubt ill be riding to standard for a wee while, taken a few bad falls while i have been back down south, but this one took the biscuit, apparantly quite a lot of damage, but im home now, and all is good, well except that i cant walk proper and it hurts to move around too much, which i think is brusing. anyway, cheers for support, and ill hopefully catch up with people on the leeds ride, i should be there, just not riding.



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