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Rim Tape


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yeh thats why you double it up so it does not stick to it.

What you do is stick the end of the tape down and come back on your self and go round with the sticky side up. Then come back on your self again with the sticky side down and then you will not get all the mud and dust sticking to it, thats wht i did. (Y)

Hope this helps !!!

Cheers !!!

Dan !!!

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Get some blue fabric from a market like i did today (but i got white :) ), or from a fabric store. Mine's about 50 mm wide so fits my echo rims, i bought it in a 5 metre long strip and it cost just over a quid. Then just put normal wide rim tape behind it, works great. You don't see the colour of the rim tape behind it 'cus there's no light inside the wheel 'cus of the innertube, tyre etc :turned: If you haven't got any tape just sticky tape it down, if you do, tape it quite alot all round the sides. Don't want it popping out or anything(Y)


Luke (Y)

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