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Will Echo Easy Forks Fit


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Cheers for speedy reply!

hmm, cut the steerer tube.......await for next thread shortly :turned:

Also make sure you take the crown race I think it is off the old forks and put them on the new ones.

A crown race is the little black thing that fits in the headset it should be on the bottom of the steere tube on you old forks .

If you don't want to cut the steerer tube you can just run spaces but its not reccomended as it adds weight ect and you smack your knees on them :P .

Just get a hacksaw put the forks in the frame ect then if you wanna run a few spaces put them on aswell now put on your stem on. Draw a line arround the top of the stem, then you wanna cut a few mm below the line fit star nut ect jobs a good un!

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