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Toxsin 20.1 Mod


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Hay people my toxsin 20.1 came this morning and i'm just wondering does anyone know how to get the back wheel into the frame. i'm wondering because the horizontal drop outs are closed off at the ends :huh:, so you can not just slot the back wheel in. please can someone help me!

Thanks Olie (Y)

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What wheel do you have?

I think those dropouts are aimed at hub's like profile's and onza t-master's with an internal thread so the bolt screws from the outside into the wheel.

If yours isn't like this you will have to take the axle out by undoing the cone bolts and pulling it out, be careful not to lose any bearings. Then put the wheel with axle-less hub into the dropouts and put the bearing's and axle back in from the outside inwards and tighten up the bearing's then just tighten up the bolt.

The only problem i can see with this is that the bearing cones won't fit through the dropout holes. If so you will probably have to take the axle out and the put the bearing and cones back onto the hubshell and then sellotape them inplace or something so that they stay still while you put the axle through.

Just have a play around with the hub, make sure you remember where everything goes and what order it goes in, also make sure you dont lose any bearings and remember to grease them all up when you put them back in the hub.

Good luck (Y)

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