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Serious Problem


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Im just off the phone with parcel2go who say they wont deliver my parcel to me as it is over 4 cubic feet.

Usually they would add a surcharge because the parcel is too big but because its going to Northern Ireland they wont send it at all.

I'm totally at a loss as to what I should do here. The person selling the bike has my money but it seems that im not even going to be able to get the damn thing sent over here.

I phoned parcel force who also said they wouldn't send a parcel of that size for me...

Anyone who has experiance in sending bikes etc can you PLEASE inform me of the best way to do it. Of course its possible for it to be done other wise the mail order companies wouldn't be here.

What parcel carrier will take a bike from england to ireland?

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He got a box from his local bike shop and its all been in there since xmas its just been major hassle trying to sort out delivery with xmas holidays and all that. Ive got it arranged now to be collected on thursday,so I guess itll be ok, im just having to pay nearly 60 quid to get it sent to me which is a bit of a downer.....

At least ill know to either make an agreement with a seller regarding postage, or to know 100% how much it will cost to get something sent to me...... Typical Northern Ireland. :-

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Hi, when I was selling my Santa Cruz Bullit at first I couldnt find a courier who would send such a large item (I got a Cannondale box from a local bike shop to put it in) for less than £70. Eventually I sent it with Initial City Link who didnt have a problem with the size, (green and yellow vans) for a reasonable price. city link

Good luck!


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