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Crack Habit


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my toes mess when i surf they get cramp and go all sideways and crooked! lol

no my knees were messed when i rode BMX when i sat down and rodem my knees are a right off the left 1 sweels like a balloon when i hit it, my neck snaps when i move it and my shoulder pop out when i move them backwards :Plol

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Occasionally i can get my big toes to click everytime i bend them, and after many years of clicking my thumbs i can now do it just by bending them as tightly as i can, but i rarley click my fingers.

it's not clicking but it's about fingers, i have my brakes set up so i can pull the leaver fairly close to the grip, and when i get tired and don't pay much attention i sometimes pull my brale leaver down onto my middle finger cos it moves under the leaver, and my gloves are fingerless.


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